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The "Agile Testing Condensed" is now available in Chinese

Agile Testing Condensed is now available in Chinese thanks to Christine Geng. The book presents a concise, easy-to-read overview of how to succeed with testing and build a quality culture in an agile context. Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin have distilled their knowledge from two decades of agile testing to help readers understand:

-How to fit testing activities into an agile cycle

-Who is responsible for completing various testing activities, and when

-How to get testers engaged with the rest of the agile development team

-How to get everyone on a delivery team engaged in continuous testing

-Ways to plan testing activities using visual models

-How testing can "keep up" with short iterations or even continuous delivery

-How to evaluate testing effectiveness and continually improve

-How to visualize a test automation strategy

This book is a must for testers, software delivery team members, product team members, business stakeholders, managers, and executives who want to know how to build quality into their product as they move to agile methods.


Find out more about the authors and translator:

Lisa Crispin - Author:

Janet Gregory - Author:

Christina Geng


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