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AgileTD USA: Pro #NoPayToSpeak

Have you been paid to speak at a conference?

There is still an ongoing discussion about conferences that let their speakers pay to have the stage. This matters in particular for speakers from marginalized communities who have little money to pay but great lessons to share for perspectives we have not yet heard.

At the moment, AgileTD USA is looking for experienced and new speakers for their upcoming conference in May 2023 in Chicago, IL. We cordially welcome speakers from all experience levels. Our aim is to always offer a diverse and inclusive conference for all.

We know your value and your worth, therefore AgileTDUSA is pro #NoPayToSpeak. We are aware that when you submit for a conference, you also submit your



Time to plan

Time to prepare





The team has done many international agile testing conferences and for every conference, they reimburse travel and accommodation expenses. There is a lot of transparency around this. Here is what you get for speaking at the Agile Testing Days USA conference:

- Your travel expenses refunded (limited to US$ 600.00/US$ 1200.00)

- Up to 2 free nights at the conference venue

- Exclusive speaker welcome dinner

- Free access to all sessions on the 2 conference days including workshops

- Continental breakfast, lunch, dinner & beverages on the 2 Conference Days

- Free access to our special Oktoberfest Costume Party

- Special Speaker Discount on Tutorials

- Endless networking options, bonus sessions & social events

So there is no need to be worried about costs! If your proposal is accepted we got you covered as AgileTD USA is #NoPayToSpeak!

More information about the Call for Papers and speaker benefits can be found here:


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