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The AgileTD Program 2021

AgileTD Unplugged #3 This 3rd episode focusses on the program launch for ATD 2021 taking place November 2021 in Germany.

AgileTD organizers Ina (she/her), Stefanie (she/her) and Uwe (he/his) share insights into: - the steps of the 2021 program launch - the structure of this year's event - details about a few of the many great selected sessions, and they will give some special hints for newbies and alumni.

You can find the 2021 program at: To reach out to the AgileTD team, please write to

Follow Stefanie, Uwe and Ina on twitter:


This episode was published in May 2021. Check out our AgileTD Unplugged Soundcloud profile for bonus episodes!



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