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Interview with Raj Subrameyer

AgileTD Unplugged #4 In this interview Ina (she/her) and Uwe (he/his) from AgileTD meet Raj Subrameyer from Chicago/USA. Raj speaks about his journey from being an introverted kid to becoming an international keynote speaker.

He shares:

- many tips on how to set and meet your personal and/or professional goals.

- insights into his successful book "Skyrocket your career", which got published in 2020.

- the date of his upcoming TED talk (how terrific is that?).

- his own personal experiences with racism.

- his engagements against racism in general and Asian racism in particular.

- what new goal he set for himself.

- many further insights into topics around development and supporting others.

Listening to this conversation with Raj will leave you inspired and motivated to keep setting your own goals and maybe try out something completely new.

To learn more about Raj just check him out at: or

You can also find Uwe and Ina from AgileTD on twitter:


This episode was published in June 2021. Check out our



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