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Women in Tech with Faiza Yousuf

AgileTD Unplugged #2 In this 2nd episode Ina (she/her) and Stefanie (she/her) from the AgileTD events team interview Faiza Yousuf from Pakistan. Faiza is a regular international speaker within the agile testing world and very active in the tech industry, putting a lot of her energy into supporting Women in Tech and getting the world to learn more about the many amazing women from the industry.

You will learn about:

- the awards she received for her community engagement,

- her wonderful initiative "Code Girls",

- her online education program from Crypto Chicks Pakistan,

- her dedication to spread the agile mindset,

- her ongoing efforts to enable, build and grow networks for Women in Tech, locally and globally alike,

- her comprehensive reading list

and much more.

Find out more about her fabulous work, and how YOU can become a supporter of Women in Tech.

To learn more about Faiza and to get in touch with her check out: and

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This episode was published in April 2021. Check out our



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