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The "Agile Testing Condensed" is now available in Thai

We're glad that the agile testing community in Thailand is able to benefit from Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory's agile knowledge in their native language. Thanks to Suthasinee Lieopairoj, Sahassa Intarit, and Prathan Dansakulcharoenkitthe Agile Testing Condensed is now available in Thai!

The Agile Testing Condensed book offers a concise, easy-to-read overview of how to successfully test software, and create a culture focused on delivering quality software in the context of development, validation, testing, to deliver software results in Agile form.


Find out more about the authors and translators:

Lisa Crispin - Author:

Janet Gregory - Author:

Suthasinee Lieopairoj:

Sahassa Intarit:

Prathan Dansakulcharoenkit:


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