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Team Guide to Software Testability

"Finally, practical exercises with real-life examples and effective visual models so that your team can make real improvements to your product's testability. We've needed this book for decades. Get it today, dive into any chapter that seems to relate to your team's needs, and start improving one small step at a time."

-- Lisa Crispin, Quality Owner at OutSystems and co-author of 'Agile Testing'

The "Team Guide to Software Testability" by Ash Winter and Rob Meaney is packed full of team-focused testability tips. The book is an essential resource for software teams who want to learn how testability can help bring teams together to observe, control, and understand the systems they build. With practical tips, this guidebook will enable teams to better meet customer needs, achieve a transparent level of quality and predictability of delivery.

The book is now available on Leanpub.

Ash Winter is offering a tutorial at the upcoming Agile Testing Days, set for November 15-18, 2021 in Potsdam.


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