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Get Your AgileTD Virtual Pass Now!

Is traveling to attend AgileTD 2022 just not an option for you this year?

No problem, now you can catch up to 50 of the conference sessions at your convenience—without any travel expenses or the need to replicate yourself!

We are happy to announce that you can NOW purchase the AgileTD 2022 Virtual Pass!

For a fraction of the cost of a regular conference pass, you’ll get full access to the recording of EVERY keynote and 36 talk sessions. Yes, every keynote and talk will be at your fingertips. The sessions will include video, audio, and slide capture for the sessions.

With your Virtual Pass, you’ll have access to online recordings of everything accessible for THREE MONTH for anyone who purchases it. You can watch playbacks from your computer, tablet, or smartphone at your leisure.

Just the Facts

WHO: This Virtual Pass is ideal for software professionals and agile enthusiasts that want to better understand the latest agile and software testing trends, tips, and know-how to grow.

WHAT: The AgileTD Virtual Pass provides full online access to up to 50 recorded sessions from the physical Agile Testing Days conference. These are videos you can play over and over. In more detail:

  • Live stream of 10 keynotes (Nov 21 - 24)

  • Live stream of 36 talks distributed via 3 tracks (Nov 22 - 24)

  • 90 days of unlimited on-demand access to all the streaming videos

  • 1600+ minutes (27 hours) of recorded knowledge-sharing footage

  • 40+ sessions presented by 50 excellent speakers from all over the world

  • Access to our online attendee hub for easy navigation and chat with like-minded folks

WHERE: At your home, office, or on the road! You watch sessions using your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

WHEN: Session recordings will be available after the conclusion of the session. You’ll have access to all the sessions for three months.

WHY: You’ll be able to implement effective quality and testing strategies and tactics that will help improve your day-to-day work and that of your team. This pass will ensure maximizing your full potential!

HOW: When you purchase your Virtual Pass, you'll get an email with exclusive access instructions to the content.

How to Register

With a Virtual Pass to AgileTD 2022, you have no costs for travel, meals, hotels, cars, or lost time! Why? Because it’s an online virtual pass.

The registration fee for a Virtual Pass is €399 (excl. VAT).


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