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AgileTD Virtual Pass: Get Access to 40+ Sessions this November

Have you heard about our AgileTD Virtual Pass? This Virtual Pass will grant entry to up to 50 AgileTD 2022 sessions, with a mixture of keynotes and 25-min talks. If traveling to attend the Agile Testing Days Conference in Potsdam is just not an option for you this year, then we highly recommend purchasing the Virtual Pass.

For a fraction of the cost of the regular conference pass, you will get full access to the recording of 40+ keynote and talk sessions. The sessions will include video, audio, and slide capture for the sessions.

For just € 399, you can live-stream AND watch the replays for a full THREE MONTHS after the conference on your favorite device. You can watch playbacks from your computer, tablet, or smartphone at your leisure.

A Virtual Pass can be purchased as a stand-alone soon, though we recommend attending the main event as well to take advantage of networking, live presentations, and Q&A. If you book your ticket for the in-person conference until SEPTEMBER 18, 2022, you will get the Virtual Pass FOR FREE.

Below are the 10 keynotes accessible with the Virtual Pass*:

Gwen Diagram – Happiness is Quality

So, how can we build teams that strive to build quality systems? By building in happiness early and often. In this talk, we will go on a journey of looking at how to improve happiness in teams for the end goal of building quality systems.

The drama triangle illustrates a power game that involves three scripted roles. Knowing these roles we will, in this keynote, help testers discover how to escape the Drama Triangle. Important, because we would benefit as a collaborative team when we would have more functional social interactions.

This talk will cover the difference between being scared and acting on the fear, different types of reactions to change (and how to use it to your advantage), and how to get to the core of the fear to help you overcome it.

Melissa Sassi – Be an AND. Not an OR

Dr. Sassi is known for being unapologetically herself...a wild duck. Join Dr. Sassi's keynote & plan to walk away with your very own 5-step formula for letting the authentic you shine.

Fiona Charles – Human Impact

As software practitioners, we have an ethical responsibility to maximize the benefits of software and minimize the harms. In this keynote, Fiona Charles explores the practical things that testers can do.

Vincent Wijnen & Huib Schoots – Creating a Culture of Learning

In this keynote, Vincent and Huib will dive into learning in organizations. What is a learning organization? How do you recognize them? What are typical patterns and anti-patterns? How do you create a learning culture and why is that important? Starting tomorrow, find out what you can do to help build a learning culture, even when you are not a manager.

Samuel Nitsche – Trouble in The Old Republic

Different roles in a team have natural differences in values, needs, and goals. This is especially true with app developers and database folks. Testers can be the perfect glue and build bridges.

In this session, we will explore how you can grow your influence inside and outside your team, and explore fundamentals and ways to influence without authority. I'll share my challenges and wins through the lens of observability, and how I have used influencing skills to implement this change.

Doing great testing is hard when your teams suffer from the excessive cognitive load. Too many systems and teams to collaborate with mean burnout and customer-facing issues. This talk will explore two examples of re-organizing teams, the impact on cognitive load, and what it meant for testing in those teams.

You will learn what it takes to be a servant leader, and you will better understand how empathy and psychological safety help you and your teams grow together. Join me on my journey to becoming a better servant leader.

* For more information about sessions, that are accessible with the AgileTD Virtual Pass, please check out the AgileTD 2022 program.


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