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Donkeys & Dragons – A video chat with Lisa Crispin & Janet Gregory

Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory have done a lot of writing over the last 20 years together and presented regularly at many conferences all over the world. With their talks, workshops, and Lean coffee sessions, they have also been an essential part of the Agile Testing Days for many years now as well. They are widely known for their passion and love for collaboration and helping others learn.

With the Donkeys and Dragons podcast on YouTube, Lisa and Janet want to have a "little fireside chat" and talk about their experiences and the experiences of those people they have worked with and met over the years, and share some ideas with their viewers. Ideas that have been sparked not only by working with Agile teams but also working – as in Lisa's case – with donkeys. How interesting is that!

If you want to learn, get inspired, and enjoy some time with Janet and Lisa while listening to their compelling and entertaining topics, then you can watch the episodes free on YouTube.


Find out more about Janet and Lisa:

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Lisa Crispin

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