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A Practical Guide to Testing in DevOps – Japanese Edition

If you have attended the Agile Testing Days in 2018, you might have had the pleasure of hearing Katrina present her keynote "A Practical Guide to Testing in DevOps". Her keynote was based on her book written in 2017 with the eponymous title. In this book, Katrina had not only compiled only her broad experience but that of many other practitioners. Now, it is also available in Japanese thanks to Yuya Kazama and Masanori Kawarada.

The author concludes that as organizations shift to a culture of intense collaboration and rapid delivery, the expectations on testers are changing. In her book, she touches on the following questions as what does testing look like in an environment with automated build and deployment pipelines? How does appetite for risk change once a product can be tested in production? Who should testers look to connect with across the organization and how can they work together effectively to deliver quality software?

With her book, Katrina offers direction and advice relevant to anyone involved in testing in a DevOps environment.

The Japanese version of the book is now available for sale on Leanpub (eBook).

You can also (re-)watch Katrina's keynote "A Practical Guide to Testing in DevOps" at AgileTD 2018 on Youtube.


Find out more about the author and translators: Katrina Clokie - Author: Yuya Kazama - Translator: Masanori Kawarada - Translator:


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