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Would Heu-Risk It? Tools, Traps, and Weapons for Software Testing

Lena has found a unique approach to tackling many of the heuristics we use in testing."- Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin

Lena Pejgan Wiberg demystifies testing skills through 30 thought-provoking lessons told through a unique format mixing rhymes, theory, and stories.

While most books about software testing focus on a classic textbook approach to teaching, this book chooses to teach through telling stories in a fun, easy to digest way. 30 important lessons learned through working in software development for more than twenty years. It varies from the very basics to some very technical points many testers seldom know or care about. This is a book where most can find parts to learn from, while others will make them smile because they recognize the problem well.

Many books today are aimed at either “manual testers”, automation engineers, or developers. Lena's book has something to teach anyone who comes into contact with testing in their work and tries to weave people, business, and technical skills into the same stories.

The book is available for sale on Leanpub (eBook) or Amazon (print).


Find out more about the author: Lena Pejgan Wiberg


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