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Women in Agile Panel #3

A panel co-presented by Agile Testing Days and the Agile Alliance

Empowering Women in Agile

On June 29th, this dynamic conversation took place about ways to build technical communities, increase mentorship and allyship, and better support each other in learning and career development.

The discussion round was part of a mini-conference, run by the Agile Alliance, called Minimum Viable Conference.

This panel conversation explored different ways of empowering women – and other underrepresented groups in tech – to become leaders in their fields. We gathered a round of amazing women to shed some light on how we can support and empower each other in the world of IT and beyond.

The international panel included:

  • Gitte Klitgaard Engineering Manager at Mentimeter, owner of Native Wired

  • Nancy Gariché Co-leader of OWASP DevSlop, Senior Cybersecurity Analyst

  • Faiza Yousuf founder of WomeninTechPK, Product Management consultant

  • Cheryl Hammond Principal DevOps Consultant at Contino and Women in Agile Conference Co-Chair

  • Ellen Grove (Panel Moderation) Interim Managing Director of Agile Alliance


When? Tuesday, June 29, 2021 12–2PM EST | 12–2AM HKT | 6–8PM CEST | 11AM–1PM CDT


You can watch the panel discussion on Vimeo:


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