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Panel on 20 Years of Women in Agile - co-presented by the Agile Alliance

To celebrate 20 years of the Agile Manifesto the organizers of the Agile Testing Days and the Agile Alliance teamed up for a virtual panel discussion on the development of Women in Agile.

Moderated by Janet Gregory and Ellen Grove, Linda Rising, Esther Derby, Rebecca Wirfs-Brock and Ash Coleman discuss early and current contributions and challenges of Women in Agile. They share their thoughts on the evolution of "Agile", how they perceived the beginnings of it, which challenges they had to face and are facing now,

as well as how they contributed to the Agile way and where they think it is heading.

You will see Linda looking back at the early agile developments in 1998, mentioning Scrum and the iterative developments and Esther talking about the implementation of retrospectives. Some of the panelists are beknown book authors and thus helped build the foundation for following generations to step into this “humane methodology in producing software”, as Ash Coleman describes it.

Dive into this terrific insight into the history of Agile mixed with critical observations of the Agile mindset of today and tomorrow.


If you prefer listening to the podcast version of this panel, tune in below:



Check out the blog post about this beautiful panel, which also covers all questions that could not be answered during the panel discussion:


Learn more about Agile Testing Days and the Agile Alliance by visiting these links:

To follow our panelists online, click below:

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock: ;


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