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NOV. 10: AgileTD 2021 ASK US ANYTHING - online

The Agile Testing Days 2021 are just around the corner, the clock is ticking and for everyone who already got their ticket, it's time to pack your bags and think of all the great sessions you gonna attend and awesome people you gonna meet! You might also experience a serious FOMO and just cannot decide what to do when and where? Or maybe it is your first time at AgileTD? How do you make your way around this multi-track testival without overloading?

This session is meant to address all the above challenges! Uwe, Stefanie, and Ina from the AgileTD team are happy to answer your most pressing questions and guide you through this great event's multiverse!

Topics we will talk about include:

  • tips for first-timers

  • pacman rule

  • mentor/ How to be an ally

  • 2G rule introduction (vaccinated & recovered allowed only)

  • hygiene concept

  • social events

  • how and where to get help on-site

So, come on in and share your thoughts, issues, and worries with us. We'll answer and help the best we can. We are convinced to make AgileTD a fun, safe, and secure conference for everyone!

This 1-hour online session will take place in Crowdcast and is a free event.


Find out more about the ATDs 2021:

Our 2021 safety regulations:


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