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Nominate Your MIATPP 2022 Now

What have these 11 people in common?

These eleven outstanding people have been voted the Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Persons (#MIATPP) by the #agile#testing community since 2011. The MIATPP Award is like "the Oscar of the Agile Testing Days" and is awarded during the notorious MIATPP and Costume Party at the Agile Testing Days conference.

And why is this important for you? Because now you have the chance to nominate your MIATPP for 2022. You can nominate any person who has...

- made a positive impact on your career, personal life, or in the community

- inspired you

- challenged you

- helped you grow in your career as a software professional

- shown you how to solve everyday obstacles in your daily work

- published blog posts, podcasts, or vlogs that have taught you to become better at your job

Take your chance and nominate your MIATPP 2022 here:! If you want to read more about the MIATPPs from 2016-2019, I recommend checking out our MIATPP blog posts at


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