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Free Live Event on Code Reading with Samuel Nitsche

We are excited to have Samuel Nitsche speak at our upcoming webinar. He will be talking about Code Reading as an often overlooked skill, although it can and should be trained as it offers an effective approach to both learning to code and getting better at coding - even for people whose main job is not typing. Sign up for this free live event now and take part in a truly inspiring and enjoyable session. When? Thursday, July 13 3:00 PM CEST/ 9:00 AM EST 25 Min talk plus Q&A How? The live event will run in Crowdcast. All attendees have access to the recording right after the webinar ends. It will also be uploaded to our YouTube Channel and the AgileTD Zone Website. ➡️ Register here

Talk Abstract:

“If you want to learn how to code or get better at coding, just start a side project!” “There are so many tutorials out there, just start coding.” “You need to figure it out yourself!”

Maybe you’ve heard these or similar statements, and maybe they felt discouraging. Bite-sized tutorials in artificial environments, doing a lot of typing, and figuring out things on your own via trial and error are still the most widespread teaching techniques for learning to code or getting better at coding. This approach takes loads of time, creates a lot of frustration, and can have a steep learning curve for a beginner. If this is not your primary job it’s hard to get good progress, making it extra hard for testers to work on these skills.

There is, however, an alternative approach. Even full-time developers spend 60% of their time reading code and scientific research suggests that learning Java is not so different from learning French. So what if instead of typing away we would focus on reading actual code and using the same techniques as for natural languages to learn and get a deeper understanding of a programming language?

In this talk, I will present tips and techniques on how you can learn to code, get better at reading code quickly and get a deeper understanding of code by reading it.

We will explore: - why syntax is important and how to learn it quickly - what makes code complex and how to deal with this complexity - different text comprehension techniques to deepen our understanding of the code in question.

About the speaker: Samuel Nitsche is a curiosity-driven software developer who programs, learns and collaborates in the software trade since the early 2000s.

His primary interest is in modern database development, automated testing, and code quality, topics he writes regularly about on different platforms (e.g. his blog, Simple-Talk, and several Oracle-related print magazines).

He is an Oracle ACE, a Symposium 42 member, a MASH (Mentor and Speaker Hub, core member, and one of the main contributors and maintainers of utPLSQL (

As a workshop facilitator, speaker, and keynote speaker he loves to share his experience in an entertaining way - gladly collaborating with plush animals and using lightsabers - at meetups and conferences.


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