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End the year on a good note with the help of Raj Subrameyer's Career Advancement Workshop

If you are searching for a new job but you just aren't getting a callback, or if you feel out of touch with your team, there are some mistakes you could be making. International keynote speaker, writer, and tech career strategist, Raj Subrameyer, shares in his "Career Advancement Workshop" strategies that can help you land your next job, become more successful, and be a better leader for your team.

Raj has spoken and facilitated many workshops at several conferences such as TEDx, Agile Testing Days Germany and USA, and many more. He is also a frequent guest on American television when it comes to how you can 'skyrocket your career'. In his own words, "his passion is to help tech folks land their dream job and become successful leaders".

In his workshop, he will help you through many issues and problems that you might face when finding the right job. He will also help you to get better at your leadership skills and will give you strategies to be more successful. If you want to end this year on a good note and find your dream job, we highly recommend booking Raj's workshop.


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