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AgileTD Open Air 2023 Group Registration Now Available

Get shared learning across your team at a discounted rate! Register as a group for AgileTD Open Air 2023 and access the training, networking, and education your team needs. Group discounts are available for teams that register 3 or more.

Tap into the deep well of agile testing excellence! Gather your team and learn from renowned thought leaders, influencers, innovators and leading experts. Meet other testers, developers, managers and executives and share knowledge and experiences in personal discussions. Collaborate and network to have game-changing breakthroughs.

Boost your skills and don’t miss these key sessions including:

  • Keynotes by Janet Gregory, Tariq King, Lena Wiberg and Richard Bradshaw

  • Identifying Code Smells by Benjamin Bischoff

  • Data-Driven Decisions in Testing by Heather Reid

  • Experience Test Driven Development for Testers! by Alex Schladebeck & Oliver Bangert

  • The 8 ‘Commendments’ for Maintainable Test Automation by Mazin Inaad

  • What ain't good for the hive, ain't good for the bee by Sanne Visser

Register your team and save up to € 2000 on your team tickets with our 5-for-3 discount rate!

To learn more and register, please visit

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