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AgileTD 2021 Scrum Build Party in partnership with Little Home e.V.

The Scrum Build Party returns at the Agile Testing Days 2021 in partnership with the Little Home Köln e.V. This year's Scrum Build Party seeks to bring together agile and manual skills, and community care to grow Scrum knowledge and create social value.

After hearing about the project of 'Little Home', it was immediately clear to the AgileTD team that they want to bring this idea to the Agile Testing Days and play a supporting role. "We wholeheartedly support this important commitment", says José Diaz, founder of the Agile Testing Days and CEO of trendig technology services GmbH.

Homelessness, in particular, is a problem specific to big cities worldwide. So far, Little Home e.V. has build shelters for these homeless in 21 different cities in Germany.

The current waiting list is a bit over 85000 people. That is why we always try to work together with the local organizations, which of course also know the people so that we can also select the right resident for the little homes together with other organizations.

Sven Lüdecke, founder of Little Home e.V.

Over 160 homeless people have currently a roof over their heads as a result of Little Home's efforts. The houses are having an effect. Many homeless people find the courage through their new shelter to actively want to improve their situation.

Søren Wassard and Christian Baumann, together with Little Home e.V. and fellow attendees will create two little homes as temporary dwellings for homeless people. Sven Lüdecke and his team will also offer individual and unique insights into their social project. The idea behind Little Home e.V. is to provide homeless people with a better and protected place to sleep and thereby build them a bridge back into society.

Guided by Christian und Søren, we will build two little homes in a sprint by sprint using the Scrum methodology. Step by step you will be introduced to the Scrum methodology, and get real-life experiences by building up the houses.

If you want to be part of the social Scrum Build Party at the Agile Testing Days, then write an email to Uwe at


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