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UX and an Agile Development Process with Ashley Janelle

As a seasoned User Experience and User Interface Designer, Ashley Janelle focuses on designing customer-centered experiences that target her users everyday pain points. At Caterpillar Inc., Ashley taps into user needs and challenges while designing solutions that allow them to save time, money, and increase productivity.

As a UX coach and course creator, she’s developed an online course, “Learn UX Online in 16 Weeks” to help aspiring UX designers go from beginner to experienced UX Designers and land jobs at top companies. Using her UX expertise and passion for working with people, Ashley’s not only helped others land their dream roles, but build the confidence to become successful UX Designers.

Session abstract: For many new UX Designers, working with development teams is one of their biggest concerns. It’s also something that can lead to imposture syndrome. Questions like “Do I need to have worked with a development team before?”, “What is it like working with developers?”, and “Is there anything that I can learn or do now to prepare to work with development teams?” are only a few I hear regularly from aspiring UX Designers.

Join me as I talk through not only what to expect during an Agile Development process, but also best practices when doing so. Learn from mistakes my teams have made in the past, as well as how we’ve overcome them. This is a talk not only for aspiring UX Designers, but anyone who would like to learn more about the agile development process.

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This webinar was recorded on August 25, 2020.

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