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The New Model for Testing with Paul Gerrard

This talk proposes a model of the thought processes that every tester uses. In a sentence, what we do is this: "we explore sources of knowledge to build test models that inform our testing". The model identifies two modes of thinking – exploration, and testing – and we use judgment to decide when to flip from one to the other. Exploration has four activities: enquiring, modeling, predicting, and challenging. Testing has six activities: informing, applying, interpreting, logging, reporting, and refining. Separating out these six activities clarifies what testers do. It identifies the capabilities and skills that all testers need to acquire, practice, and excel in.

• Our industry is changing so fast that the old ways of testing won't work in the future.

• A New Model of Testing sets out the core thinking process for all testers.

• The Model has consequences – for skills, training, test automation, working with developers, and how we define our profession.

You can download the slides to Paul's talk here:

Find out more about Paul here:


This online talk was recorded on July 10, 2017.

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