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Practical Agile Test Leadership with Selena Delesie

Teams struggle for many reasons, leaving people frustrated, complacent, and content to exist in mediocrity. There is a secret that propels individuals, teams, and entire organizations to be really successful: leadership! Not just executives, managers, or those with leader titles get to lead – everyone does. Even testers.

In this episode of AgileTD Mondays, you look at three specific leadership behaviors that make a big impact in any team, by any team member. You explore what these behaviors look like within specific quality objectives to understand how testers can be remarkable leaders. By embracing your inner leader, you will learn how to engage your team and improve quality in your organization. You leave with clarity and actions to shift yourself and your team to lead from within and become truly remarkable.


- The new paradigm of individual and team leadership

- Powerful questions to take activities from lackluster to purposeful

- Three leadership traits that lead to improved product quality

- What leadership looks like in practice for different quality objectives

- How to lead as a tester to radically improve satisfaction and success

You can download the slides to Selena's talk here:

Find out more about Selena here:


This online talk was recorded on March 20, 2017.

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