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Hacker Mindset Before Toolset with Santhosh Tuppad

Santhosh Tuppad is a passionate software tester, coder and expert tester who comes from the context-driven school of testing and has tremendous experience in web application testing and mobile applications testing through the exploratory testing approach. Be it functional testing or security testing, he is a punter. His love for computers started when he was 12 and at 16 he was a hacker.

He founded TestInsane Technologies and now he is on the journey with his new startup Work2Code to create an ecosystem for people who want to live their dreams in secure coding, exploratory testing and automation doing great work while bringing delightful experience for customers.

Session Abstract I began hacking at 16. Though, I had the hacking traits even before 16. By traits, I mean "Social Engineering" skills all self-learned without knowing the terminology and it wouldn't be incorrect if I call it "innate" skill-set ingrained in my brain by default.

As the years passed, I started looking into "Software Security" [During those days, I just called it as Hacking] and my first cracking activity was during 15 or 16wherein, I hacked the credentials of "Dial-Up Networking Subscription". After all, my need was to have the internet at home, as my parents wouldn't give me money to buy a subscription pack. Once I got the Dial-Up subscription via hacking, so many doors, windows, tunnels to the beautiful universe were opened. Yes, I was delighted.

Times passed by and I continued working on the mindset because that's where I felt a great adrenaline rush and also believed that it is a mindset first and then the toolset. I consider the mindset to be one of the skillsets which most engineers have to focus on.

Presently, I help various companies across the globe ranging from simple software to complex ones. From eCommerce to Banking and Healthcare to IoT MQTT etcetera. In short, wherever there is code, I am there to hack it with unconventional ways of hacking mindset and skillset.

In this talk, I am going to share my hacking experiences concerning my evil mindset [to fight the black-hat hackers] and demonstrations in an unconventional way.

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This webinar was recorded on September 9, 2020.

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