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Kevin Harris meets Lisa Crispin & Janet Gregory

AgileTD & Friends #1

In this very first episode of AgileTD & Friends, Kevin Harris interviews none other than the two rocks in the agile testing world, Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin.

They talk about their way into testing, their personal developments, their mutual engagements as well as about life in general. What drove and inspired them at certain (turning-)points in life?

Find out how they remotely wrote their first mutual book together, how even these two icons can get the "fixing people" nervous and how the current situation (pandemic) is changing them, their mindset, their look on the world altogether.

You will learn more about the Agile Testing Fellowship - their mutual endeavor, and how you benefit from being a fellow.

They also talk about inequality at the workplace, what they love about Agile Testing Days and the community and why they both enjoy supporting young professionals and new voice speakers.

Watching this interview will get you some very personal insights into Janet's and Lisa's personal and professional life.


If you prefer listening to the podcast version of this interview, tune in below:


Who and where to follow:

Agile Testing Fellow:


The interview took place on March 9, 2021.


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