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Continuous Regression Performance Testing for Enduring in the Market with Arun Kumar Dutta

Now a day, high performance for an application is no matter lavish but a basic need for your business. Normally, performance testing happens just before production for any major release and doesn’t have much time despite having performance issues as going live is more important. Now, organizations are concerned about the increasing rate of change in the market where they not only need to compete but also familiarize themselves with the speed of changes to adapt to time-to-market pressures. Performance testing now becomes very crucial before the application goes live no matter whether it’s major or minor releases or sprints for agile-based projects. It is time to make continuous regression performance testing mandatory for all projects since the early phases of SDLC, to avoid big losses and reduce overall cost.

This webinar will assist us to know the values that can bring continuous regression performance testing over normal performance testing, why continuous regression performance testing is mandatory for enduring in the market, and what are things that need to remember while making it an ongoing process.

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This online talk was recorded on September 4, 2017.

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