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Ash Coleman recognized in Diversity Woman's ELITE 100 Class of 2022

Congratulations to Ash Coleman. Ash, who is a former Agile Testing Days and Agile Testing Days USA keynote speaker, has been recognized by the Diversity Women Magazine, which highlights for the second time 100 extraordinary black women in the C-suite and executive leaders. With the announcement of the 'Elite 100', the Diversity Woman Magazine pays a tribute to black women leaders who are changing the face of corporate America. Ash is among 100 women leaders from various Fortune 500, Fortune 1000, Fortune Global 500, S&P 500 companies, and nonprofits.

"These impressive women are leading complex transformations in their corporations by managing remote teams around the world, building morale through innovative programming, optimizing organizational culture through diversity, equity, and inclusion, and sustaining profitable bottom lines."

–– Diversity Women Magazine

Ash Coleman works as a Senior Director and holds the Head of Diversity & Inclusion position on Credit Karma's Human Resources team. As Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Ash Coleman is an important member of Credit Karma's leadership.

Ash has focused her efforts within technology on bringing awareness to the inclusion of women, historically excluded, and LGTBQ+ communities within companies. Her work includes creating programs and practices to enhance diversity, equity, and belonging initiatives, curating L&D programs to facilitate a true structure for change, and consulting, speaking, and coaching for teams and individuals in change roles, management, and C-suite.

Interviews, Keynotes, and Panel Discussions with Ash Coleman

Ash started her speaking journey as a 'New Voice' Speaker at the Agile Testing Days 2016. In this interview from 2016, she talks about her daily working processes as a former tester now a consultant, and her biggest agile challenge.

At Agile Testing Days 2017, Ash together with Keith Klain held a keynote on how the language around work culture can foster an environment of growth and agility. Through their talk "Culture is more than a mindset", Ash and Keith explored the structural barriers to attracting “like-mindedness” and how the way one advertises their workplace signals the underpinning values of their business.

In 2021, Ash took part in the anniversary panel co-presented by the Agile Testing Days and Agile Alliance. In this panel called "20 Years of Women in Agile" with Linda Rising, Esther Derby, and Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, Ash shared her thoughts on the evolution of “agile” and how the roles of women have developed since the Agile Manifesto was declared 20 years ago.


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