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Women in Agile: A Series of Conversations – Panels #3 & #4

Through 2021, Agile Alliance and Agile Testing Days co-presented a series of panel discussions to consider the role women play in Agile past, present and future. In each panel, a group of Agile practitioners who have made significant impacts on the Agile community gathered together to share stories and offer ideas about how to make the Agile world more inclusive.

In the now available panel #3 "Empowering Women in Agile", Nancy Gariché, Gitte Klitgaard, Cheryl Hammond, and Faiza Yousuf explore different ways of empowering women – and other underrepresented groups in tech – to become leaders in their fields.

In panel #4 "Agile Team Roles – Then and Now", technical experts such as Anne-Marie Charrett, Camille Eddy, Mary Poppendieck, Clare Sudbery consider how the field of software development has evolved and how roles within delivery organizations have adapted to reduce silos, encourage breadth and depth in developing technical skills, and increase product-centricity.

You can watch panel discussion #3 on Vimeo:

You can watch panel discussion #4 on the Agile Alliance website. Please note that by clicking the image below you will be redirected to the Agile Alliance website.


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