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José Díaz nominated for Agile Alliance Board of Directors

The AgileTD Team is delighted to announce that José Díaz has been shortlisted for the Board of Directors of the Agile Alliance. José Díaz, who set up the first conference on Agile Testing back in 2008, has created several immersive events with his Agile Testing Days conferences in Europe, the USA, and Asia. He is also the owner and chief strategic thinker at trendig technology services GmbH.

José's passion is bringing love to the people to create a thriving environment and spark inspiration. He believes that "great teams are built on trust and encouragement and providing people the individual environment for them to grow and succeed. This does not just apply to the Agile world, but to every human being in everyday life".

Agile Alliance members can either vote by email or through the election website for the Board of Directors for the 2022-2024 term. Voting will continue through Monday, Oct 11, 2021, @ 23:59 pm AoE. Results will be shared at the Annual Agile Alliance Member meeting.


Find out more about José:

Let The People Have Fun: José Díaz on Love, Light & Leadership (Podcast by Selena Delesie)


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