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Aiming Higher, Levelling Up Your Agile Improvements with Huib Schoots & Joep Schuurkes

SSDD…. are you stuck in a rut with your agile improvements? Your retrospectives are not bringing you the changes you’re looking for. Not that the retrospectives aren’t useful... however the improvements seem ad-hoc or are not adding up to something bigger. You don’t see any big improvements happening, your team doesn’t seem to get to the next level. Things are changing, but in a way, they are still the same. Recognize this? In this webinar, Huib and Joep will introduce and share their experiences with a method for you and your team to solve problems. It is an investigation of strengths & weaknesses. A starting point for a discussion about potential problems and how to solve them.

You can download the slides to Huib and Joep's talk here:

Find out more about Huib and Joep here:


This online talk was recorded on October 16, 2017.

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