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The ATD Call For Papers with Søren Wassard

AgileTD Unplugged #1

At this very first interview Uwe (he/his) and Ina (she/her) from the AgileTD events team interview Søren Wassard (he/his) from Denmark. Søren is a regular international speaker within the agile testing world, he is an AgileTD veteran and for the Agile Testing Days 2021 he was part of the program committee, reviewing papers for talks and workshops.

Listen to this episode and...

- find out more about his hometown Fredensborg.

- learn how advanced Denmark is when it comes to digitalization.

- hear what his experiences with the reviewed papers have been so far.

- hear what makes a good paper and conference session.

- learn what connection he sees between bouldering and working in agile teams.

- get useful tips for writing your own paper(s).

- find out a lot more.

Make sure to follow Søren on twitter:

Find Uwe and Ina from AgileTD on twitter too:


This episode was published in April 2021. Check out our AgileTD Unplugged Soundcloud profile for bonus episodes!



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